artistic approach


The underlying idea of the art pieces is to question digital technology with concepts from aesthetic theory. Through the examination of the code and participate in it`s development, and to implant critical and artistic ideas directly into technology, the systems will be forced into a feedback with their own ideological concepts, information systems and social structures.

Artistic Interference

The artist is able to dive into modern technology through their implemented logic environments and see them as a given "universe". Alternatively, they can hack, reuse and experiment not only with the technology, but with the underlying principles of technological ideology, knowledge and history that emerge after deconstructing its surface.

Artistic Research

Artistic research is seen as the practical application of a theory that is used in an experimental technological environment.This should result in a differentiated aesthetic based on reflection and refinement.

Audio/Visual - Live Performance

Parzufim - Virtual Reality Experience (Work in Progress)

360° Demo-Still from upcoming Virtual Reality Setup